16 listopada 2020
Posted in Aviation
16 listopada 2020 Szymon Wyrobek

Long winter’s nap…

Basically due to the world pandemic COVID-19 after the some spotting sessions there was no more things to do im my photography life, what more the aviation hasn’t started the rebuilding process. The time which I had spend in the work was like cutted from my life, we were forced to take some break from terminal life on airport instead we started the worst time during the delegation to work at the national postal service. At one day we were forced to change the buissnes suit to the working outfit… then the 2021 has come. The aviation world has started the slowly rebulding. People once the governaments released the restrictions started to travel. Workload was double than befor when to comparise with the workload before crisis…

Regardless to the work there was some chances to get really nice photos…

  • Lufthansa 747-8i
  • KLM’s Embraer E195-E2
  • Agile Combat Deployment

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