Aviation vs COVID-19

10 września 2020
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10 września 2020 Szymon Wyrobek

Aviation vs COVID-19

Take a breath

Aviation world has changed. That’s a fact. We have to get used to this „new” reality – flights with mouth and nose mask, social distancing, special visa requirement. Usually whole process of boarding takes about 10min per 100 passengers when the aircraft is parked on remote postion, now during COVID-19 due to limitations of number of passengers in bus everythings takes time, additional visa checks at gate, seems it doesn’t take very long but multiply by number of passengers so there you go… delay.

Less flights = less employes which are necessary.

The first decade of the 21st Century has been widely regarded as the airline industry’s lost decade. US airlines were certainly the most profoundly affected of all, but not all of the subsequent malaise can be attributed to 9/11.

Now we cannot do nothing rather just take a breath,
Despite what is said coronavirus whether there is or there isn’t in the future we will be looking at this pandemic probably as we now watch to 9/11.

Take a breath – where did it come from?

I don’t remember when last time I went for spotting to take some photos by the fence of airport, so at previous Monday were scheduled An-124 – quick decision after work just change of backback, pickup photo equipment and direction to spotters hill near animal shelter.  Then I realised how you can take a breath and rest, despite you’re awake for 15 hours. 😉

It might be a little bit nostalgic text, but what do we have other to do right now.

Somebody said that aviation is a big family, well we should go through it together.

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